Preparing for The Way

My favorite Merrill boots, broken in from 500+ miles on the FRENCH WAY Camino, along with my (hopefully) lighter weight Keene sandals for the days on flat terrain.

My newest Camino gift…a bracelet to remind me why I’m walking…

Gear to be packed.  As always, I’ll wait until the last minute. Why JT…why?

I love this poem and it relates to soooo many things in life.  My Mom & Dad are 90 and their end is near.  Sore knees & back or not, time to get out of the recliner and take a long walk.

I found this in my grass today.  I picked it up thinking it was yet more litter tossed by some inconsiderate soul.  Wow.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I hear you Lord…loud & clear!

So here it is Wednesday evening and my Friday blastoff is rapidly approaching.   My anxiety reached a crescendo earlier today, and has settled into a calm resignation that what will be will be.  I’ll rally last minute and tie up loose ends, and have that long leg of my flight from Miami to Madrid to start the mental checklist of the upcoming walk.  I’ll be jet lagged when arriving Porto, Portugal mid day Saturday, but no time to feel sorry for myself as I have 18 miles scheduled out of the box Sunday.  I have a date with my pillow Saturday night, and by then expect to be exhausted enough to actually sleep and get my body clock on Portugal time.  Signing off until then.

Author: jtcaminoblog

A husband of 38 years, a father of 3, a Christian man and pilgrim on this earth. I am a devout Roman Catholic whose purpose in life is to love our Lord above all else and our neighbors as ourselves. I struggle with the latter but walk these pilgrimages for both atonement and guidance from the Lord to be the best version of myself.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for The Way”

  1. Don’t forget I packed for 2.5 years of Peace Corps the night before as well Chief 😉 Glad you and Mom both have adopted the dust if you must mentality. Also means you will remain a vibrant and healthy pain in the butt for many more years, though.


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